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CLDB  2017, Vol. 31 Issue (5): 134-138
  水泥基材料 |
史才军, 王吉云, 涂贞军, 王德辉
湖南大学土木工程学院,长沙 410082
Progresses in CO2 Curing of Concrete
SHI Caijun, WANG Jiyun, TU Zhenjun, WANG Dehui
College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082
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摘要 CO2养护混凝土技术是将CO2与新拌混凝土在成型后接触,使CO2与水泥熟料矿物间发生化学反应,进而使得新拌水泥混凝土在很短的时间内凝结硬化的养护技术。它不仅可以获得性能更好的混凝土,还可以合理利用CO2并且节能减排,是一项有前景的可持续发展技术。综述了CO2养护混凝土的反应机理、影响养护过程的关键因素、CO2养护混凝土对微观结构以及耐久性的影响、后续水养护等方面的研究进展,并对CO2养护混凝土技术的未来发展进行了展望。
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关键词:  CO2养护混凝土  预养护  反应机理  微观结构  后续水养护    
Abstract: The CO2-curing concrete technology is a promising sustainable curing method, which based on the chemical reactions between CO2 and fresh concrete. By CO2-curing concrete technology, the fresh concrete could obtain higher early strength and denser microstructure. In another, the CO2-curing concrete technology is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient method to consume CO2. This paper reviews and summarizes the development and latest research results of CO2 curing of concrete. The kinetics and mechanism of CO2-curing concrete technology, the effect of CO2-curing concrete on microstructure and the subsequent hydration of CO2-curing concrete are introduced. Finally, according to the review of previous studies, some recommendations will be given about the further research in this field.
Key words:  CO2-curing concrete    pre-curing    reaction mechanism    microstructure    subsequent hydration
               出版日期:  2017-03-10      发布日期:  2018-05-02
ZTFLH:  TU528  
作者简介:  史才军:男,1963年生,博士,教授,主要从事水泥混凝土方面的研究
史才军, 王吉云, 涂贞军, 王德辉. CO2养护混凝土技术研究进展[J]. CLDB, 2017, 31(5): 134-138.
SHI Caijun, WANG Jiyun, TU Zhenjun, WANG Dehui. Progresses in CO2 Curing of Concrete. Materials Reports, 2017, 31(5): 134-138.
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