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《材料导报》期刊社  2017, Vol. 31 Issue (5): 94-99
  材料综述 |
王振林1,2,3, 成来飞3
1 重庆理工大学材料科学与工程学院, 重庆400054;
2 重庆市特种焊接材料与技术高校工程研究中心, 重庆 400054;
3 西北工业大学超高温结构复合材料重点实验室, 西安 710072
Irradiation Effects and Irradiation Resistance Modification of Glasses
WANG Zhenlin1,2,3, CHENG Laifei3
1 College of Materials Science and Engineering, Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing 400054;
2 Chongqing Municipal Engineering Research Center of Institutions of Higher Education for Special Welding Materials and Technology, Chongqing 400054;
3 National Key Laboratory of Thermostructure Composite Materials, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072
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摘要 航天科技、核医学、核能工业和绿色建筑的发展对使用在辐射环境中的玻璃提出了越来越高的要求。玻璃在辐射环境中会发生微观结构变化和宏观性质改变,耐辐照玻璃是一种在高能射线或粒子辐照后可见光区透过率下降较小,能保持物理化学性能稳定的特种玻璃。阐述了玻璃的辐照效应研究现状,介绍了玻璃耐辐照改性的研究进展及挑战,并提出了值得关注的新趋势。
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关键词:  玻璃  辐照效应  耐辐照  掺杂改性  航天科技  核能工业    
Abstract: With the development of aerospace science and technology, nuclear medicine, nuclear power industry and green architecture, more rigorous requirements on glasses used in radioactive environment have been put forward. Irradiation may cause va-riations in glass microstructure and in glass macroscopic properties, and irradiation resistant glass should specifically possess stabilized physicochemical performances with little drop in visible light transmittance. This paper introduces the current research status on glass irradiation effects. Furthermore, progress and challenges of irradiation-resistant modification on glasses are reviewed with some notable new trends proposed.
Key words:  glass    irradiation effect    irradiation resistance    doping modification    aerospace science    nuclear industry
               出版日期:  2017-03-10      发布日期:  2018-05-02
ZTFLH:  TQ171.73  
基金资助: 国家973基础研究项目(2011CB605806);国家自然科学基金(50820145202)
作者简介:  王振林:男, 1968年生,博士, 副教授,主要从事无机非金属材料的研究
王振林, 成来飞. 玻璃的辐照效应及耐辐照改性研究进展*[J]. 《材料导报》期刊社, 2017, 31(5): 94-99.
WANG Zhenlin, CHENG Laifei. Irradiation Effects and Irradiation Resistance Modification of Glasses. Materials Reports, 2017, 31(5): 94-99.
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