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《材料导报》期刊社  2017, Vol. 31 Issue (5): 53-57
  材料综述 |
刘虹志, 彭家根, 肖坤祥
中国工程物理研究院电子工程研究所,绵阳 621999
Reactive Wetting and Thermal Residual Stress Releasing of Ceramic/Metal Brazed Joints: A Review
LIU Hongzhi, PENG Jiagen, XIAO Kunxiang
Institute of Electronic Engineering, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang 621999
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摘要 陶瓷/金属钎焊件广泛应用于机械电子、能源化工、航空航天和生物医学等领域以实现材料各自性能上的优势互补。然而,陶瓷与金属原子键合上的差异及热膨胀失配使得它们的高可靠连接面临润湿性和残余热应力的问题。综述了国内外在反应润湿和残余热应力缓解方面的研究进展,对活性钎料/陶瓷界面反应产物及界面结构、界面反应热力学、反应润湿及铺展动力学模型进行了介绍,总结了复合钎料法和添加中间层法等残余热应力的缓解方法,并对当前存在的问题进行了初步探讨。
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关键词:  陶瓷  金属  活性钎焊  反应润湿  残余热应力    
Abstract: Ceramic/metal brazed assemblies are widely used in mechanical and electronic engineering, energy and chemical industry, aerospace and biomedical fields to make their respective advantages complementary to each other. However, the differences in interatomic bonds and thermal expansion coefficients between ceramics and metals make them hard to be jointed together reliably because of the poor wettability of ceramics and thermal residual stress produced during the brazing process in the ceramic/metal joints. This article overviews the research progress on the reactive wetting of the liquid metals on ceramics and the methods of redu-cing the residual stress levels in the joints. The interfacial reaction products, interfacial structure, reaction thermodynamics, reactive wetting and spreading dynamics models of active brazing alloy/ceramic systems are introduced. The stress relief methods of composite fillers and adding interlayer are summarized. The fundamental issues of reactive wetting and the disadvantages of current stress relief methods are discussed.
Key words:  ceramic    metal    active brazing    reactive wetting    thermal residual stress
               出版日期:  2017-03-10      发布日期:  2018-05-02
ZTFLH:  TG454  
基金资助: 国家自然科学基金(51604251);中国工程物理研究院电子工程研究所创新发展基金(S20151113)
作者简介:  刘虹志:男,1983年生,博士,主要研究方向为钎焊技术及其连接机理
刘虹志, 彭家根, 肖坤祥. 陶瓷/金属钎焊体系反应润湿及残余热应力缓解的研究进展*[J]. 《材料导报》期刊社, 2017, 31(5): 53-57.
LIU Hongzhi, PENG Jiagen, XIAO Kunxiang. Reactive Wetting and Thermal Residual Stress Releasing of Ceramic/Metal Brazed Joints: A Review. Materials Reports, 2017, 31(5): 53-57.
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