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《材料导报》期刊社  2017, Vol. 31 Issue (15): 115-119
  材料综述 |
莫宗云1,2, 高小建1
1 哈尔滨工业大学土木工程学院,哈尔滨 150001;
2 北华航天工业学院建筑工程系,廊坊 065000;
Research Progress on the Durability of Metakaolin Concrete
MO zongyun1,2, GAO xiaojian1
1 College of Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001;
2 Department of Building Engineering, North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Langfang 065000;
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摘要 偏高岭土(MK)是高岭土在500~800 ℃下煅烧脱羟基生成的一种无定型相活性材料。将MK按一定比例替代混凝土中的水泥可以改善混凝土的力学和耐久性能,并且由于水泥用量减少,这对于降低水泥生产过程中二氧化碳排放量以及节约能源有很大帮助,能够产生良好的经济和环境效益。重点综述了偏高岭土改性混凝土(MKC)在干燥收缩、吸水性和水渗透性、氯离子渗透性、抗硫酸盐侵蚀以及碳化5个方面的耐久性研究进展,最后对MKC耐久性研究的不足进行了探讨。
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关键词:  偏高岭土  混凝土  干燥收缩  吸水性和水渗透性  氯离子渗透性  抗硫酸盐侵蚀  碳化    
Abstract: Metakaolin is an amorphous pozzolanic material formed by heating kaolin at about 500 ℃ to 800 ℃ which causes kao-linite dehydration. Substituting metakaolin for a certain amount of cement in the production of concrete can enhance the strength and durability of concrete, and moreover, reduce carbon emission and energy consumption due to decreased cement usage. This paper summarizes the research progress of metakaolin concrete′s (MKC) durability from the perspectives of drying shrinkage, sorptivity and water permeability, chloride penetration, sulfate resistance, carbonization, also discusses the inadequacies of the current research in MKC′s durability.
Key words:  metakaolin    concrete    drying shrinkage    sorptivity and water permeability    chloride penetration    sulfate resis-tance    carbonization
               出版日期:  2017-08-10      发布日期:  2018-05-04
ZTFLH:  TU528.0  
基金资助: *国家科技支撑计划课题(2013BAJ12B03);廊坊市科技局基金项目(2016011071);北华航天工业学院基金项目(KY-2016-03)
作者简介:  莫宗云:男,1984年生,博士研究生,讲师,主要从事新型胶凝材料研究 高小建:通讯作者,男,1976年生,博士,教授,主要从事混凝土早期性能研究
莫宗云, 高小建. 偏高岭土改性混凝土的耐久性研究进展*[J]. 《材料导报》期刊社, 2017, 31(15): 115-119.
MO zongyun, GAO xiaojian. Research Progress on the Durability of Metakaolin Concrete. Materials Reports, 2017, 31(15): 115-119.
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