Other articles related with "TG401":
  LI Zhuoxin, TIAN Zhen, LI Hong, WANG Yipeng, CAO Jian, ZHOU Chen
  Research Progress on the Influence of Nanoparticles on Weld Strength and Microstructure of Aluminum Alloy
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (1): 20090070-8 [Abstract] (120) [PDF 4114 KB] (150)
  ZHANG Min, GUO Yufei, HUANG Chao, ZHANG Lisheng, ZHANG Wenhui
  Solidification Microstructure Simulation of Ti-6Al-4V Ternary Alloy Welding Pool
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (8): 8116-8120 [Abstract] (207) [PDF 4126 KB] (65)
  SHI Yu, GAO Haiming, LI Guang, LI Xiang
  High Frequency Induction Brazing Process of Copper-Steel and Its Effects on Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of Weld Joint
    Materials Reports   2018 Vol.32 (6): 909-914 [Abstract] (240) [PDF 2191 KB] (275)
  SHI Yu, ZHOU Xianglong, ZHU Ming, GU Yufen, FAN Ding
  Effect of Filler Wires on Brazing Interface Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al/Cu Dissimilar Metals Welding-Brazing Joint
    Materials Reports   2017 Vol.31 (10): 61-61 [Abstract] (254) [PDF 1207 KB] (357)
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