Other articles related with "TG146.22":
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  Full-field Crystal Plasticity Simulation of Equiaxed AZ80 Magnesium Alloy
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  Microstructure Evolution and Strain Hardening Mechanism of Mg-Gd-Y Alloy with Columnar Polycrystalline Structure
    Materials Reports   2023 Vol.37 (10): 21110055-6 [Abstract] (211) [PDF 21932 KB] (37)
  LI Xiao, HU Shuiping, CAI Yu
  Effect of Solution Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Carbene/6061 Aluminum Matrix Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (18): 21010123-6 [Abstract] (315) [PDF 8927 KB] (92)
  HUANG Xiaofeng, WEI Langlang, YANG Jianqiao, ZHANG Qiaoqiao, SHANG Wentao, LI Xujiao
  Effect of Semi-Solid Isothermal Heat Treatment on Non-dendritic Structure of Mg-7Zn-1Cu-0.3V Magnesium Alloy
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (14): 14116-14121 [Abstract] (432) [PDF 7210 KB] (114)
  HUANG Xiaofeng, ZHANG Qiaoqiao, MA Yajie, WEI Langlang, YANG Jianqiao
  Semi-solid Microstructure Evolution of Mg-6Zn-1Cu-0.3Mn Magnesium Alloy
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  ZHAO Lichen, XIE Yu, ZHANG Zhe, WANG Tiebao, WANG Xin, CUI Chunxiang
  Fabrication of ZnO Nano-rods/Porous Zn Foam and Its Compressive and
Antibacterial Properties
    Materials Reports   2019 Vol.33 (4): 577-581 [Abstract] (597) [PDF 4119 KB] (507)
  SUN Yi, ZHANG Wenxin, XU Chunxiang, ZHANG Jinshan, HAN Shaobing, JIA Changjian
  Corrosion Behavior of As-cast Mg-Zn-Y-Zr-Ca Alloy in Simulated Body Fluid
    Materials Reports   2017 Vol.31 (24): 105-108 [Abstract] (442) [PDF 520 KB] (334)
  LIU Fei, YIN Jian, SHAO Qi, LU Chunhui
  Improved Solidification Structure of in-situ Mg2Si/]Mg-.Al Composites by Applying Pulsed Magnetic Field: a Comparative Study
    Materials Reports   2019 Vol.33 (2): 293-297 [Abstract] (440) [PDF 4337 KB] (794)
  LI Xiao, HU Shuiping, HAN Tianqi
  Effects of Nd, Y on Corrosion Resistibility of Hot-rolled and Annealed AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Thin Sheets
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (10): 10088-10092 [Abstract] (486) [PDF 5600 KB] (308)