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  MA Qiuju, TONG Lu, WANG Lili, MI Yiming, ZHAO Xinxin
  First-principles Study on Ca-doping Properties of P2-NaxCoO2 Materials
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (12): 21010083-6 [Abstract] (5) [PDF 6456 KB] (1)
  LYU Bo, CHEN Lianxi
  Synthesis of Phosphonic Acid Functionalized Hollow Silica and Its Adsorption of Cd2+
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (9): 21030132-7 [Abstract] (44) [PDF 2963 KB] (45)
  YANG Shaobin, LIU Xueli, ZHANG Xu, TANG Shuwei
  Insight into the Desolvation of Na+ with Water as a Solvent in Hydroxyl-flat Pores: a First Principle Calculation
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (1): 20110132-7 [Abstract] (151) [PDF 4792 KB] (65)
  XU Ran, LI Zhihui, WU Yinan, LI Fengting
  Research Advances in Enzyme Immobilization on Metal-organic Frameworks
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 285-293 [Abstract] (103) [PDF 6047 KB] (145)
  FANG Wenyu, ZHANG Pengcheng, ZHAO Jun
  The Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Hydroxylated Arsenene/Antimonene
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (10): 10017-10022 [Abstract] (183) [PDF 4339 KB] (95)
  LONG Tao,YANG Xinguo,LI Siyu,WANG Ying,MAO Fengyu
  Effects of Binary Solvent System on Aggregation Behaviors and Photoelectric Properties of Perylene Imide Derivative with Secondary Amine Groups
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (10): 10176-10183 [Abstract] (209) [PDF 5253 KB] (60)
  HU Shaozheng, WANG Fei, LI Zheng, MA Hongfei, LI Ping
  Construction of Full-spectrum-driven W18O49/g-C3N4 Heterojunction Catalyst with Outstanding Photocatalytic Organic Dyestuff Degradation Ability
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (8): 8011-8016 [Abstract] (296) [PDF 7071 KB] (60)
  ZHANG Shuo
  Preparation of Hollow Silica Microspheres Using Nano Calcium Carbonate as Template
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (Z2): 91-94 [Abstract] (265) [PDF 3089 KB] (165)
  ZHENG Huiqin
  Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Performance and Mechanism Exploration of a Binuclear Cobalt Catalyst
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (12): 12163-12168 [Abstract] (303) [PDF 3458 KB] (237)
  NA Liyan, ZHANG Liying, ZHANG Fengjie, HUA Ruinian
  Rapid Preparation of HKUST-1 in Water at Room Temperature and Its Adsorption on Reactive Blue 194
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (4): 4137-4141 [Abstract] (259) [PDF 2446 KB] (140)
  WANG Lei, WANG Danghui, XIAO Meixia
  Ab Initio Study on the Interaction Between Groups in Phosphate bis-Guanidinoacetate Molecule
    Materials Reports   2019 Vol.33 (20): 3508-3511 [Abstract] (304) [PDF 1969 KB] (211)
  ABLAT Gulnigar, MAIMAITI Maihemuti, SALAMU Abidiguli, MAMAT Mamatrishat, WU Zhaofeng, SUN Yanfei
  Effect of Ni Doping on the Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of BiFeO3 Films
    Materials Reports   2019 Vol.33 (z1): 108-111 [Abstract] (230) [PDF 2196 KB] (135)
  WANG Hui, LI Shijun, WANG Mei, PEI Yanbo, HU Shaozheng
  Ag-loaded g-C3N4(Ⅰ)/g-C3N4(Ⅱ) Isotype Heterojunction Catalysts with an Application to Photocatalytic N2 Fixation
    Materials Reports   2018 Vol.32 (20): 3496-3503 [Abstract] (218) [PDF 4389 KB] (401)
  ZHAO Xinghua, LIU Weihui, LI Chun, YUAN Guang
  Theoretical Study of Nitrate Superhalogens/Hyperhalogens
    Materials Reports   2018 Vol.32 (20): 3531-3534 [Abstract] (219) [PDF 2771 KB] (344)
  Xia WANG,Liping AN,Xiaotao ZHANG,Ximing WANG
  Progress in Application of Porous Materials in VOCs Adsorption During Wood Drying
    Materials Reports   2018 Vol.32 (1): 93-101 [Abstract] (294) [PDF 1183 KB] (339)
  JI Zhiyong, HUANG Zhihui, YUAN Junsheng, LI Fei, ZHOU Junqi
  Simulation of Spinel LiMn2O4 for Lithium Insertion/Extraction Based on Ion Exchange Mechanism
    Materials Reports   2017 Vol.31 (12): 131-135 [Abstract] (239) [PDF 1344 KB] (304)
  HU Jianxin, LI Fengqing, ZHOU Xueqin, LIU Dongzhi, WANG Tianyang, LI Wei
  Development of Porphyrin-Peptides Supramolecular Assembly Systems
    Materials Reports   2017 Vol.31 (11): 128-137 [Abstract] (315) [PDF 2100 KB] (258)
  ZHA Lin
  Theoretical Study on Electronic Structure, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Vibration Spectrum of D3-C32X2(X=H, Cl)
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (Z1): 103-106 [Abstract] (175) [PDF 3038 KB] (74)
  LI Xiaodong, AN Meimei
  Corrosion Inhibition of Bronze Cultural Relics by 2-aminino-5-mercapto 1,3,4- thiadizole: a Density Functional Theoretical Analysis
    Materials Reports   2017 Vol.31 (22): 163-168 [Abstract] (310) [PDF 737 KB] (294)
  MO Xiaohua, JIANG Weiqing
  Dehydrogenation Characteristics of Fe-, Co- and Ni-doped LiBH4: a Comparative First-Principles Study
    Materials Reports   2019 Vol.33 (2): 225-229 [Abstract] (287) [PDF 2793 KB] (335)
  YANG Shaobin, SHAN Xueying, LI Sinan, TANG Shuwei, SHEN Ding, SUN Wen
  Insight into the Adsorption and Diffusion Behaviors of Na on XC3 (X=B, N and P) Doping Graphene Surfaces: a First Principle Study
    Materials Reports   2019 Vol.33 (10): 1640-1645 [Abstract] (274) [PDF 10232 KB] (87)
  LIANG Hongyu, ZOU He, HU Shaozheng, LI Jianzhong, TIAN Yanwen
  Preparation of Alkali Metals Co-doped Graphitic Carbon Nitride by Molten Salt Method and Photocatalytic Performance
    Materials Reports   2018 Vol.32 (24): 4217-4223 [Abstract] (323) [PDF 2067 KB] (276)
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