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《材料导报》期刊社  2018, Vol. 32 Issue (7): 1107-1113
  材料综述 |
何林, 蔡永军, 李强
中国工程物理研究院材料研究所,江油 621907
Research Progress in Radiation Shielding Materials Serving as the Combined Barrier Against Neutron and Gamma-ray
HE Lin, CAI Yongjun, LI Qiang
Institute of Materials, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Jiangyou 621907
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摘要 核屏蔽设计的主要任务是屏蔽中子和γ射线,因此,兼具中子和γ射线综合屏蔽性能的屏蔽材料无疑是核屏蔽设计时的最佳选择。本文主要针对中子和γ射线综合屏蔽材料的种类、基质材料和性能进行了分析和综述,探讨了现有中子和γ射线综合屏蔽材料存在的主要问题,认为屏蔽材料的屏蔽性能与其他性能(如力学性能、耐热性等)之间的矛盾是屏蔽材料需要解决的关键问题。最后,展望了未来中子和γ射线综合屏蔽材料的研究方向,指出结构功能一体化屏蔽材料的研究应用是未来一大发展趋势。
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关键词:  中子  γ射线  核辐射  屏蔽材料  屏蔽混凝土  硼钢  铅硼聚乙烯    
Abstract: The main task for the nuclear shielding design is to block out neutron and γ-ray. Thereby, the radiation shielding materials which combine the shielding ability from neutron and γ-ray are the best candidates. This paper offers an elaborate description of the types, substrate materials and performances of the currently applied neutron and γ-ray combined shielding material, and furthermore, roughly discusses the respective principal problems of these materials. We emphasize the crucial and urgent problem with respect to the mutual exclusion between shielding effectiveness and other performances (e.g. mechanical performance, heat resistant stability, etc.). Finally the review sketches out the prospect of the neutron and γ-ray combined shielding materials, suggesting that the development of structure/function integrated radiation shielding materials is one of the future trends.
Key words:  neutron    γ-ray    nuclear radiation    shielding material    shielding concrete    boron steel    lead boron-polyethylene
               出版日期:  2018-04-10      发布日期:  2018-05-11
基金资助: 国家自然科学基金(51401191)
作者简介:  何林:男,1985年生,博士,主要从事结构功能一体化屏蔽复合材料研究
何林, 蔡永军, 李强. 中子和伽马射线综合屏蔽材料研究进展[J]. 《材料导报》期刊社, 2018, 32(7): 1107-1113.
HE Lin, CAI Yongjun, LI Qiang. Research Progress in Radiation Shielding Materials Serving as the Combined Barrier Against Neutron and Gamma-ray. Materials Reports, 2018, 32(7): 1107-1113.
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