Other articles related with "TG161":
  ZHANG Pengfei, WANG Decheng, CHENG Peng, SHAO Chenxi
  Finite Element Simulation of Induction Heating 65Mn Tape-steel Based on Electromagnetic Thermal Coupling
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (12): 20110208-6 [Abstract] (6) [PDF 6609 KB] (1)
  ZHAO Fan, HU Hao, LIU Yazheng, ZHANG Zhihao, XIE Jianxin
  Annealing Condition Control Based on the Evolution of Complex Microstructure and Surface Decarburization in 23MnNiMoCr54 Steel
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (1): 20100217-6 [Abstract] (93) [PDF 5143 KB] (26)
  ZENG Zeyao, YANG Yinhui, CAO Jianchun, NI Ke,PAN Xiaoyu
  Study on the Hot Compression Recrystallization Behavior of 18Cr-3Mn-1Ni-0.22N Low Nickel Type Duplex Stainless Steel
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (18): 18163-18169 [Abstract] (156) [PDF 22328 KB] (37)
  HUANG Zhang, DU Chuanzhi, FANG Jinlin, YU Hao, LI Shuying, SONG Chenghao, DUAN Xiaoni
  Effect of Niobium Micro-alloyed on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Q500MPa Hot-Rolled H-beam Steel
    Materials Reports   2020 Vol.34 (14): 14175-14180 [Abstract] (233) [PDF 4839 KB] (142)
  ZHANG Jianbin, LIU Fan, XUE Fei
  Effect of Heat Treatment on Delta-ferrite and Impact Toughness of P91 Heat-resistant Steel
    Materials Reports   2018 Vol.32 (8): 1318-1322 [Abstract] (316) [PDF 2543 KB] (250)
  WANG Yong, CHEN Xuan, ZUO Pengpeng, WU Xiaochun
  Influence of Copper and Sulfur on the Cutting Performance of P20-type Plastic Mold Steel
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (10): 21030076-7 [Abstract] (31) [PDF 19382 KB] (3)
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