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  WANG Shijie, YIN Yicheng, QIU Xin, KANG Guowei, LIU Xinhong, JIA Quanli, ZHANG Shaowei
  Preparation, Properties and Application of Ultra-high Temperature Porous Ceramics: a Review
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (12): 20100045-8 [Abstract] (8) [PDF 27162 KB] (6)
  ZHANG Lei, LI Shanshan, ZHUANG Yi, TANG Yujing, LUO Xin
  Comparative Study on Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber and Glass-Carbon Fiber Interlaminar Hybrid 2.5D Woven Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (Z1): 21100025-5 [Abstract] (16) [PDF 6362 KB] (16)
  YIN Weifeng, ZENG Yaode, YANG Zhongqiang, ZHANG Jiming, LIU Rui, HUO Cui, YAN Shanyin
  Categories, Processability, Applications and Research Advances in Liquid Crystalline Polymer
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (Z1): 21100214-5 [Abstract] (13) [PDF 3805 KB] (75)
  ZHANG Xizhi, CUI Hong, HU Yang, DENG Hongbing , WANG Hao
  Ceramics Content of SiC-ZrC on the Properties of C/C-SiC-ZrC Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (Z1): 21120073-5 [Abstract] (15) [PDF 13432 KB] (5)
  LI Yin, SONG Yuanjia, LIU Chunhua
  Review on the Use of Infrared Thermography for the Damage Detection and Evolution of CFRP
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (Z1): 22010161-9 [Abstract] (26) [PDF 12991 KB] (9)
  CHEN Dongfang, WU Haipeng, LIANG Fan, ZHOU Qi, SONG Xiangang, TIAN Aiqin
  Quasi-static Compression Testing and Energy Absorption Mechanism Analysis of Hexagonal Al-composite Thin-walled Hybrid Tubes
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (Z1): 22020120-6 [Abstract] (14) [PDF 8781 KB] (1)
  DAI Feiliang, FU Zien, JIANG Jinbo, TU Weiping
  Research Progress of the Organosilicone Segmented Copolymer's Preparation and Application
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (9): 20070144-12 [Abstract] (55) [PDF 4165 KB] (88)
  YANG Rongzhou, CHEN Peiyuan, GE Jinjin, XU Ying, WANG Jia, LIU Jiaxing, XIE Haotian
  Fatigue Characteristics of CFRP Sheet Confined Rubber Cement Mortar Under Increasing Amplitude Cyclic Load
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (9): 21040223-10 [Abstract] (44) [PDF 7826 KB] (15)
  ZHANG Wenjian, ZHENG Hao, LI Bowen, SONG Guojun, MA Lichun
  GO Modified by Hyperbranched Phosphonitrile Derivatives and the Mechanical Properties of Its Epoxy Composite
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (8): 20110164-4 [Abstract] (58) [PDF 7941 KB] (7)
  QIU Yuncong, SONG Yuanqiang, LI Yali
  Methanol-assisted Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Fibers and Its Mechanical Properties Investigation
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (8): 21010059-6 [Abstract] (52) [PDF 11120 KB] (14)
  WU Tao, YAO Weixing, HUANG Jie
  Recent Development of Research on Very High Cycle Fatigue of Fiber Reinforced Plastic
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (6): 20050117-9 [Abstract] (109) [PDF 11128 KB] (150)
  LI Xinshuai, WEN Liwei, DENG Zhuhai, CUI Haonan
  A Method to Control the Spreading Width of Prepreg in Hot-melt Process
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (6): 20100297-5 [Abstract] (94) [PDF 2330 KB] (187)
  ZHANG Xian, CAI Ming, SUN Baozhong
  Research Progress of Hygrothermal Aging of Plant Fiber Reinforced Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (5): 20100169-11 [Abstract] (159) [PDF 5066 KB] (54)
  ZHENG Lingyu, ZHANG Xuelai, JI Jun
  Research Progress of Flame-retardant Form-stable Phase Materials
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (5): 20100275-8 [Abstract] (107) [PDF 2023 KB] (312)
  LI Weilin, WANG Jia, JIAO Jian
  Effect of Fe3O4-MWCNTs Hybrid Buckypapers on the Microwave Absorbing Properties of Fiber Reinforced Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (5): 20110094-6 [Abstract] (99) [PDF 3297 KB] (55)
  YAN Zhaopu, WANG Yangwei, ZHANG Yan, LIU Yifeng, CHENG Huanwu
  Research Progress on Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Ballistic Properties of Basalt Fiber Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (4): 20110209-9 [Abstract] (95) [PDF 4025 KB] (62)
  DUAN Guangyu, LI Yue, HU Jingwen, HU Zuming, YU Xiang, CHI Changlong
  Preparation and Properties of High-temperature Poly (metaphenylene isophthalamide) Dielectric Composites
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (4): 20120097-6 [Abstract] (76) [PDF 5097 KB] (154)
  REN Zhixiang, YANG Kang, LI Taizhi, YU Chen, ZHAN Hua, WU Feng, LI Hui
  Preparation of Ultrasonic Impregnated Oxidized Calcium-based Absorbent and Its Desulfurization and Denitrification Properties
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (2): 21010211-5 [Abstract] (111) [PDF 4578 KB] (27)
  FAN Lingyun, GAO Jing, LI Jinfeng, ZHOU Haijun
  Analysis on Temperature Field at Contact Surface of Laminated CFRP Straps in Fatigue Test
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (1): 20110148-7 [Abstract] (97) [PDF 6109 KB] (31)
  XIONG Xiaoshuang, ZHANG Zihao, LI Qiaomin, YU Lianqing
  Prediction of Elastic Constants of Short Flax Fiber Reinforced Composites Considering the Interfacial Property
    Materials Reports   2022 Vol.36 (1): 21010018-8 [Abstract] (112) [PDF 4685 KB] (56)
  YU Kun, WEN Liwei, HUAN Huasong, TANG Penggang
  Interface Pull-off Performance of Composite Hat-stiffened Panel Reinforced by Stitching
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (24): 24189-24194 [Abstract] (123) [PDF 6239 KB] (82)
  WANG Xiaofeng, LIANG Bo, CHEN Yufan, ZHANG Kuankuan
  Application and Prospect of Potentiometric Titration in Asphalt Research
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (23): 23076-23088 [Abstract] (118) [PDF 7520 KB] (31)
  HE Hui, ZHANG Zhongming, JIANG Yonggang, FENG Junzong, LI Liangjun, FENG Jian
  Research Progress on Preparation Methods of Rare Earth Oxide Hydrophobic Coatings
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 50-55 [Abstract] (85) [PDF 7155 KB] (31)
  MA Xin, QIU Haipeng, LIANG Yanyuan, LIU Shanhua, WANG Xiaomeng, ZHAO Yuliang, CHEN Mingwei, XIE Weijie
  Effects of CVD BN Coatings on Flexural Properties of Si3N4/SiBN Composites by Precursor Infiltration Pyrolysis
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 86-89 [Abstract] (89) [PDF 4288 KB] (30)
  LUO Ruiqi, LIU Yongqiong, LIAO Yingqiang, ZHOU Jian
  Research Progress on the Influencing Factors of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 558-563 [Abstract] (113) [PDF 2763 KB] (143)
  ZHANG Qi, ZHANG Zhendong, REN Jie
  Experimental Study on Quasi-static Compression of Multi-cell Structure of Hexagon Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 573-578 [Abstract] (65) [PDF 3633 KB] (30)
  ZHANG Lei, ZHUANG Yi, LI Shanshan, TANG Yujing, LI Jing, LUO Xin
  Research on Dynamic Fatigue Test of Vehicle Composite Leaf Spring Under Different Working Conditions
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 583-588 [Abstract] (57) [PDF 2403 KB] (20)
  FAN Cuihong, QIN Huibin, ZHOU Jijun
  Application of Phenolic-formaldehyde Resin on CCL
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 589-592 [Abstract] (69) [PDF 2060 KB] (119)
  FENG Yuchen, LI Dihong, BIAN Libo, LI Zixuan, ZHANG Yaqing
  Study on Mechanical and Impact Properties of Aramid Fiber Reinforced Cement Cementitious Composites
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 634-637 [Abstract] (58) [PDF 2116 KB] (23)
  LI Zixuan, LI Dihong, BIAN Libo, FENG Yuchen, ZHANG Yaqing, YU Haiyang
  Effect of Cutting Aramid Fiber Content on Strength and Pore Structure of Cement-based Composites
    Materials Reports   2021 Vol.35 (z2): 638-641 [Abstract] (64) [PDF 1914 KB] (82)
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