Materials Reports  2018, Vol. 32 Issue (4): 574-578
Microstructure and Mechanical Property Evolution of Mg-Gd-Y-Nd-Zr Casting Alloy During Aging Treatment
TANG Changping1, 2, LI Guodong3, LI Zhiyun4, SUN Xuanqi4
1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan 411201;
2 High Temperature Wear Resistant Materials and Preparation Technology of Hunan Province National Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Xiangtan 411201;
3 Equipment Management Department, Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute Company Limited, Shenzhen, 518124;
4 Science and Technology Company Limited of No. 608 Research Institute, Zhuzhou, 412002